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What is Mindality?

Mindality is a community site for unconventional people. By ‘unconventional’ I basically mean people who don’t ‘fit in’, or want to fit in, with society’s norms. People who think/feel/function differently. For example, sensitive introverts, people who hate school, people who don’t want (or can’t handle) a regular job, people who get discriminated against for a variety of reasons that most people don’t currently take seriously enough, etc.

Can I join?

Have you always felt somehow different than the people around you? Have you tried to ‘fit in’ and be normal, but found it impossible? Or, maybe you never even bothered trying, because it seemed nonsensical!

We’re looking for kind, compassionate, unconventional people who listen non-judgmentally to other members, and do their best to understand their perspective, or at least to accept it as valid.

Membership to the site is currently by invitation only. This is to ensure that it remains a safe space for the people in it – free from internet trolls, spam, or anyone who might be insensitive to the feelings of current members, especially anyone who is disrespectful towards young people (children and teenagers).

I don’t really like using labels, but if you’re looking for recognizable descriptive words for the kinds of people I consider unconventional, here are a few: highly sensitive (HSP), autistic, LGTBQIA+, idealistic, introverted… (and probably lots more I don’t even know about).

Bonus points if you’re depressed and/or anxious (or have some other mental “disorder“), because that could be a sign that your environment really isn’t suited for you.

If you’re interested in this community, you can join us on Discord, using this invite link. (You don’t have to install the app – you can join just with your browser. Also, Discord may have been designed for gamers, but anyone can use it).

The Discord chat is open to everyone. Once you’re there, introduce yourself – tell us how you found us, how you feel different from the people around you, how you feel in general, or whatever else you feel like saying.

You can also contact me here: soulriser [AT] – I’m not particularly good at getting around to responding to email though, so keep that in mind – but I will definitely read it. 🙂