Introduction to Passive Income

by SoulRiser

Jobs are like prison… kind of. I feel sorry for everyone I know who has one, even the people who don’t completely hate it.

I don’t have a job – I make passive income from websites online. I’m going to post the info here that I give to people who ask how I do it.

Passive Income Online Intro

I make mostly passive income from my own websites online. Some of the money is from adsense or other advertising, some from affiliate commissions, and a couple of sites where I get a share of the sales it makes because I built the site for the other person. My sites make money while I sleep or play games or whatever. None of these sites in this list are mine.

One of my sites that has made the most money overall is built similarly to the ‘niche sites’ concept that they talk about here:
This guy has an interesting archive/timeline on his site where he describes his income and what he did to increase it, and what didn’t work.
This site can guide you through the process of starting a blog, (like this one!) basically.

Some more sites to read for inspiration:

There’s a TON to read, and it might seem overwhelming, but I’d say it’s totally worth it. The main thing is to pick a topic you’d enjoy writing about even if it wasn’t profitable.

There isn’t really a blueprint for how to do this that will work for everyone, but this is just an introduction to give you ideas.

None of this is a quick way out of a job… but it can be a long term journey to freedom. It can even be fun. In fact, it should be. If you try it and find you’re not enjoying it – stop (or change your approach).

Feel free to ask questions… 🙂

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