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Self-Employment Tips

A surprising solution for the leisure starved

By John O. Andersen

(First printed in Be There Now – A Zine of Budget Travel and Beating the Rat Race)

“You think you’re busy working for someone else, just wait until you work for yourself. You’ll never have time off.”

This is what I was told before I took the plunge into self-employment several years ago. While this may be the case for some people, I’ve found the exact opposite to be true. Running my own business enables me to both earn a comfortable living and read more

How to get by with as little money as possible

Originally published on (site no longer exists)

One of the most common questions we get is: “But how do I survive without a job? You have plenty of philosophy, inspiring quotes and theory on this site, and I know that my attitude is important, but I’d also like to hear stories from others about how they’ve done it and see a list of practical ideas I can use in figuring out a way for me to free myself from wage slavery.”

So, read more