Letting go

To let go…

doesn’t mean you stop caring, it means you can’t fix someone else

is not to cut all connections, but to cut a few here and lengthen a few there

is not to punish but to allow learning from natural consequences

is not to admit defeat or powerlessness, but to realize the outcome is not in my hands

is to spend time filling my own needs and plugging the drainholes created by others’ unmet needs

is to do what I need to do to take care of myself, knowing I can’t be of much help to anyone if I am slowly dying

is not to judge, but to seek understanding and acceptance

is to stop teaching helplessness by overprotecting and underestimating the ability of others

is to move from denial to acceptance; from feeling defensive to reflective

is to stop nagging, arguing and scolding

is to stop focussing on that which you wish would change, but which is out of your control

is to focus your thoughts on that which you can control: your own mind and attitude

is to stop wanting things to be different and to start making them different

is not to regret what was or wasn’t, or what might have been, it is to learn, grow and prepare for the future

is to invest in yourself; to invest time and mental energy on your own mental and emotional health

is to pursue your own goals, dreams and plans while leaving all doors open to the future possibilities


One thought on “Letting go

  1. Thank you for this. I have been going through some hard times lately, and this post really speaks to me. It is difficult to let go of somebody, but necessary when it comes down to it. I plan to show this wonderful post to some of my friends and family, as I’m sure it can help them too. This is great advice; thank you again for sharing it!

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