Don’t wait to retire

Retire now

This is one of the biggest cons going: the notion of putting off fun and adventure for decades until you can financially kiss the working world goodbye.

Whatever you do, don’t go down that road.

Each moment, each season of your life is important; not just after you’ve accumulated enough to stop working for a living.

Commit yourself to lifelong semi-retirement. And that doesn’t necessarily mean working part-time, though it could.

When you are out of the rat race, when you no longer try to “get places” statuswise, you are semi-retired. When you live in the present, when you are happy with your station in life, you are semi-retired–even if you work fulltime!

No, this isn’t a plea for laziness or lack of ambition. Rather, it’s a suggestion to make the present all it can be, and to do that throughout life.
I have no idea where I got this from. Doesn’t seem to be online anymore.

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